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2018-02-20 17:41:18

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Jammers are special electronic devices that allow you to disrupt the frequency of GSM networks, wifi, 3G, UMTS and GPS. The GPS jammer can suppress the frequency of the telephone network and the frequency used for satellite tracking. The jammer works like this: radio waves are emitted in the environment, and these radio waves hang over and disrupt signals used for telephone transmission or satellite tracking.
Jammers are complex electronic devices, but in fact most models don't require special technical knowledge. Just press the power button to start using the jammer.
The jamming device has different coverage radius, which affects the power of the jammer and the number of antennas.
Power jammer: the power of a jammer is expressed in watts or decibels. The greater the power, the greater the scope of the device.
Number of antennas: the current number and type of antennas affect the range of the jammer and the type of frequency that can interfere with the device.

At any level of any type and business negotiation, it is important to the details of the negotiations as secret as possible, to avoid possible external disturbance, and sent by upstream profits to harm to its success.

Modern technology allows for aseptic environment, prevent the mobile phone can run in the process of interfering with a meeting, or even can be used the miniature tape recorder to capture conversations, records, and enjoy the second again, perhaps pass information to competitors.


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