What kind of trouble does the positioning system bring to people?

2021-07-29 15:50:19

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Should you know how to protect yourself from GPS threats

The angle of the GSM jammer antenna can be freely adjusted. Depending on the interference frequency, each stopband can be turned on / off and intensity adjusted. In the United States, blocking radio waves without the permission of the Department of Communications may violate the Radio Law. This method is difficult to achieve where you do not want to use a mobile phone or need a quiet space, and it is difficult to improve only by attracting the audience. However, when I was reading on the train, people around me started to steal my personal mobile phone network, which is very dangerous for the personal information on my mobile phone.


The uav signal blpcker can provide protection for people, cut off the drone signal, and avoid involuntarily infiltrating others. The high-power UAV jammer can solve this problem perfectly. The convenience of unmanned aerial vehicles, which are often used in daily life, has penetrated into every aspect of people's lives. When using a drone signal jammer, all signals are turned off, the uav is forced to land, or the original road returns, the maximum interference distance is up to five kilometers, and people use jammers to prevent drones from stealing information.


Our computer security is very important and we will do our best to help you protect your data. Such portable signal jammers are widely used, and it is very convenient if you urgently need an Internet connection for two workstations. However, we have written that these MiFi portable routers can be very dangerous. The reason lies in the way they work. They created a WPA-2 personal encrypted wireless network and shared an Internet connection between connected users.The main problem is that wireless networks are not really reliable. They can be easily hacked, in which case all your private or commercial data will be compromised.


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